Dental Fluorosis

dental fluorosis treatment in bangalore

dental fluorosis in Bangalore

Dental fluorosis treatment Dental fluorosis is referred as the change in tooth’s appearance. The reason for this is overexposure to fluoride. The fluoride overexposure’s risk occurs between 3 months to 8 years of ages. The occurrence of Enamel fluorosis is due to permanent teeth forming under the gums. Once these teeth break through the gums, these cannot develop enamel fluorosis. The stains and spots left by fluorosis remain permanent and also might darken over time.

The main reason is water fluoridation and is normally an esthetic problem. Severe cases are caused by exposure to water with natural fluoridated exceeding above the recommended levels, or exposure to other fluoride sources like brick tea or high fluoride coal pollution. Other reasons are use of fluoridated mouthrinse and tooth pastes, bottled waters not tested for fluoride content, inappropriate fluoride supplements usage, ingestion of foods particularly imported from other countries, and public water fluoridation.

The dental fluorosis severity depends upon the amount of fluoride exposure, the child’s age, individual response, degree of physical activity, weight, nutrition, and bone growth.

Very Mild: Small opaque, paper white areas covering less than 25% of the tooth surface
Mild: Opaque white areas covering less than 50% of the tooth surface
Micro abrasion & tooth bleaching

Dental fluorosis is cosmetically treatable.

Different treatment options include: tooth bleaching, microabrasion, and conservative composite restorations or porcelain veneers are generally used treatments. Generally speaking, microabrasion and bleaching are utilized for superficial staining, while the conservative restorations are utilized for more unaesthetic situations such as severe fluorosis.

Micro abrasion and Tooth bleaching:
dental fluorosis treatment in Bangalore

Conservative restorations and porcelain veneers:
Patient with moderate fluorosis. Front six teeth were treated with cosmetic veneers to cover fluoride staining.
Micro abrasion & tooth bleaching in Bangalore

Flouride Belt In India
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Bleaching is a procedure which involves lightening of the color of tooth though the application of a chemical agent to make the tooth brighter.

2. Am I a Candidate for bleaching?
Anyone and everyone with normal teeth surface and texture can undergo bleaching with no side effects. If the tooth surface is defective one must undergo bleaching only after a thorough cosmetic evaluation

3. What is the difference home and in-office bleaching?
Office bleaching involves a higher concentration of bleaching agent under high intensity light resulting in increased bleaching effect over a shorter period of time (approx. 1 hr) under constant supervision of a dentist whereas home bleaching involves a very mild agent used at home without supervision over a period of days-weeks to see a difference. Ideally if not having any previous bleaching experience it is advisable to go in for in-office bleaching. For maintenance and if one has previously undergone bleaching within last one year home bleaching is a good option.

4. What is the duration of the procedure for office bleaching?
Bleaching procedure will take 40 mins to an hour depending on patient stains The bleaching agent can be repeatedly applied on the teeth until the desired color is achieved.

5. Longevity of bleaching?
Bleaching once done usually lasts for 1-2years easily depending on patient diet, Habits and maintenance.

6. What are the costs involved?
Office bleaching – Rs.6000/-
Home bleaching – Rs.3000/-

7. Post-operative instructions for bleaching?
Mild sensitivity for 24 to 48 hours is common as the bleaching agent absorbed in the tooth would still be active.
Avoid coloured foods and also milk.
Ideally, avoid habits like smoking and pan chewing post bleaching.
Have lots of water and avoid aerated drinks for atleast 24 hrs.


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